Even on vacation, the library grabs me

While walking in Cape Cod, I couldn’t help but notice two striking libraries while walking with my dear wife Karen.

Red brick, old style.

The Eldredge Library in the heart of Chatham exuded old charm.

Modern for the family.

The Town of Dennis Public Library filled its square with a more contemporary feel.

Karen told me I’d fit in at both.

Tomorrow: Wrapping it up at A Happy Cottage

9 thoughts on “Even on vacation, the library grabs me

  1. I have a corner in our library that I consider my own. I’ve whiled away many hot summer afternoons in that corner, bro Mark. I can drive my chair over there, about three blocks away, taking the alleys and side streets, taking photos of the scenery along the way and looking forward to new discoveries upon arrival. Ours is relatively new, built about 10 years or less ago after the old one developed a bad case of leaking roof, backed up plumbing, and some dangerously rotten staircases. I prefer this one now because I can go there any time I want to get out in whatever weather we are suffering at the moment.


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