The street of Chatham

My dear wife Karen and I have been to Cape Cod in the Happy Cottage four years in a row now. Long enough to know what we must do to make the near-summer vacation complete.

Drive that 15 or so miles down the road to visit Chatham makes the list.

This year, though, we crossed off the pier and the viewing of the seals and went straight to the quaint village on the main drag. (Maybe next year, my flapper friends.)

Click on gallery photos for a description. Click and hold on the bottom right photo for an enlarged slide show.

The shops, restaurants, pubs and village sites have the right feel for us. Karen pokes her head into any store that calls her name. I follow. It works. We both find things of interest.

Karen came back with cool gifts to bring to her girlie pals later this summer. I have a tidy little box of sugar-free chocolates. We each scored a majorly nice T at Life Is Good. Ellie B is wearing a new collar from Black Dog. You’ll see the Ts and collar in another post. I won’t scoop the gifts, though.

Speaking of aka Dogamous Pyle, we were quite disappointed to see that Chatham Dog has closed since last June. We’d purchased Ellie B treats there and brought them back to the Happy Cottage two years running.

Yet Chatham is not all about buy, buy, buy for us.

Afer all walking, of course it was time for a late lunch. We huddled. Here? The Happy Cottage? Sesuit Harbor Marina?

Immediacy prevailed.

The Captain’s Table looked simple and inviting with its covered outdoor patio. Brunch was still available, but we both went with our first seafood of the trip.

Karen enjoyed her lobster roll, which came unadorned by extras and room temperature. We’re accustomed to a chilled mix more akin to a tuna salad.

I thought my five fried shrimp were tasty enough, but I could have used one more on my plate. I also discovered that tartar and not cocktail sauce must be the default condiment of the area, because I had to send the waitress back to get my preferred red stuff to go with the lemon juice from the slice she provided.

The drive home was quite relaxing.

Do you have a favorite little village to visit, and if so, where and why? What shops look interesting to you? What’s your favorite photograph and why?

94 thoughts on “The street of Chatham

  1. Dave’s family had some connection to Chatham because they named their dog after the town! I’ve never been to the Cape but would love to visit some day. In the mean time, I’ll live vicariously through you and Karen. Enjoy, enjoy!


  2. how cute is chatham? ! wow, and lobster rolls are my favorite. i can understand the expectation of a chilled sandwich, that’s what i’d expect too, but when in rome, i guess…… i have only been to cape cod once, and we were in the busy city of provincetown, and traveled to nearby truro, which was lovely.


  3. Cape Cod looks just about perfect, Mark. We have a huge project coming up, and probably won’t be getting away anywhere for vacation this summer so I appreciate you letting me live vicariously through your pictures. Btw, tartar on shrimp? What is wrong with those people! Cocktail all the way!


    • I am glad to help relieve some of the daily stress with the photos, Rachel. Think of how good you and your hubby will reel when the project is finished! And I’m glad to hear you are in the cocktail sauce club with me. πŸ™‚


  4. I just love places like that, with the little shops full of interesting things. What a great trip! I’m feelin lunch-ish so the photo of Karen’s lobster roll looks awfully good to me, especially at room temperature, but I’ll need to steal a few of your fries, Mark!

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  5. I’ve always wanted to visit Cape Cod. I’ve been to New England once and had a blast taking in the scenery of southern Maine and Portsmouth, NH area. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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  6. I love, love, love Chatham! When I was there a couple of weekends ago for my friend’s 60th birthday celebration, we ate at the Beach House down by the Chatham Bars Inn, right by the water. I have to say, the lobster roll was huge and delicious as were the fries. Not as good as Sesuit of course. Looks like you and your lovely wife are having a good ‘ol time. These are some nice pics, Mr. B. πŸ™‚


  7. I like the shark alley photo, it’s exactly the kind of thing you can count on in a little town, some little hand-made quirky touch. Of course, I’m only picking it because I’m not allowed to comment on your wife twice in a row.


    • This little town knows it has to keep things on the schedule to get people to stop their cars. Smart planners. And you can dig MDW Karen’s look from up there, Jay. πŸ™‚


  8. Only been there once, but I couldn’t enjoy myself because I was looking for a summer job during college. Never did find a job there and ended up working in Boston suburbs. Cape Cod would have made for a better summer I’m sure.

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  9. Love the first photograph. Makes me homesick for New England. Oh, and I prefer the red stuff too; can’t stand tartar sauce. Truth be told I like my cocktail sauce almost pink from so much horseradish. I want it to crawl up the back of my nose and make my cry. You should take a poll: cocktail sauce or tartar sauce?


  10. What a lovely place to visit. It is wonderful to revisit places and have that feeling of “coming home” again. We enjoy visiting Ocean Grove in NJ- a quaint town on the Jersey Shore- not over run with tourists and amusements- just a boardwalk, a great Main Street and a wonderful beach.


  11. My favorite photo is the one of your wife at The Captain’s Table. She looks happy and the place looks like a good spot to relax. I also like that you call her your “dear wife Karen.” I’ve lived in New England, so, your photos are all interesting.


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