Ava gets collared

Beautiful kitty.

Chances are pretty good that if my dear wife Karen and I left the Food Truck Battle with a gift for our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B, Elisabeth and George Three picked up a little something for their cherished rescue cat Ava.

I think her new collar is fabulous.

18 thoughts on “Ava gets collared

  1. I have written a great deal about my relationships with cats (both two and four legg’d)
    And dogs
    And spiders
    And ants
    And fish
    And octopuses
    And armadillos

    I need either a new cat
    Or a dog.
    (I am done with spiders and ants.)
    I want unconditional love
    Won’t get that from most cats; yet get it from ANY doggy–so I am gonna go with the canine species.

    I love animals.
    But, of course Mark, you already know that.

    Tell ya what.
    Send me Ava (Maria?)
    And a year’s supply of Meow Mix.
    She will love me
    I will buy for ever’day
    Be nice to have another addict in my mouse-house.

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  2. What wonderful owners your rescue dog and cat have. I don’t want a pet. Not that I don’t like dogs and cats but just don’t want one.

    I do take all my “don’t want no more” things to the animal shelter resale shop. And I buy plenty of other’s “don’t want no more” things at the resale shop.

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