Great truck food again in 2022

Add the Food Truck Battle to our growing list of family traditions. In fact, George Two joined my dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth and fiancé George to the New York State fairgrounds on a warm and sunny Saturday. George Three and I immediately jumped on the Bold Coast Lobster truck line, longest of the…

Ava gets collared

Chances are pretty good that if my dear wife Karen and I left the Food Truck Battle with a gift for our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B, Elisabeth and George Three picked up a little something for their cherished rescue cat Ava. I think her new collar is fabulous.

Of course they sold other stuff

The Food Truck Battle included artisans selling their products inside a state fairgrounds building. We decided on a bow for cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. Upon return home, we saw she wears it well.

They soared overhead

George noticed them first, the trio of eagles circling the Food Truck Battle at the state fairgrounds Saturday. After a moment of letting my eyes register and my heart swell, I aimed my iPhone 8 and hoped for the best. Now can you spot the three, with my closer-up image?

Food trucks feed us very well

As usual, terrific daughter Elisabeth texted with a great plan for my dear wife Karen, George Three and herself. How about a Saturday at the state fairgrounds for the Food Truck Battle? We’re in. We met in the parking lot precisely at 11 a.m. as planned, walked over the bridge to the main gate, and…

Food, crafts and family time are A-OK

When my terrific daughter Elisabeth texted the notion that she and sensational significant George Three wanted my dear wife Karen and I to go To a food truck and craft fest with them, how could we turn that down? Good choice. I’d never been to the sports complex in Baldwinsville, but Karen knew exactly where…