We know it’s Ontario Orchards season

Not just pumpkins.

There’s one estabishment nearby that my dear wife Karen and I visit yearly when September yields to October.

Yes, you can say we go out of our gourds for …

Our kind of farm market, to the northwest.

… Ontario Orchards.

The pumpkins and more are always set outside to grab attention.

But that’s not what we come to purchase.

Pies aplenty.

We will buy pie. Regular apple this time for Karen. No sugar added apple for me. We talked it over in the car on the way, and decided to go traditional apple instead of straying toward a berry this time around.

One bucket of Honeycrisp, please and thank you.

That is in addition to the basket of Honeycrisp apples, our favorite flavor and so very good grown right here at Ontario Orchards.

We walked and looked, and you’ll see some more tomorrow …

11 thoughts on “We know it’s Ontario Orchards season

  1. I see a customer in the back of the market. She looks like she is scratching her head. What to by next? Her basket is pretty full already.
    I bet the owner hires somebody to shine all those apples. 🙂


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