Of turtles, crawfish and a Hamilton creek

Muddy creature.

My terrific daughter Elisabeth texted me a photo of a dirty turtle.

Bug or lobster?

She quickly followed it with another of some sort of crustacean.

And left it to my imagination to respond … OK, I give up, why are these things at your orthopedic office in Hamilton.

It turns out that the turtle and crawfish both crawled out of a nearby creek bed to their parking lot, to be brought inside for a cleaning by concerned co-workers before repositioning back in the shallow water bed.

Who knew that crawfish lived in little creeks in Central New York? I pictured them swimming around in Louisiana swamps, to be caught, boiled and seasoned, and eaten by merry Cajun-food lovers.

Turtles up here, sure.

Local egg bed?

Yet I was still somewhat surprised at the story and photo to follow about the turtle they caught in late June in what they’re pretty sure was an egg-laying process.

They’ve yet to see the babies, yet, though.

They do good orthopedic work, too, I promise.

13 thoughts on “Of turtles, crawfish and a Hamilton creek

  1. Amazing!
    We just had a guy post pictures on Facebook of all the baby turtles that just hatched by the lake. Who knew?
    And I use to catch crawfish, when I was a kid, in the creeks here in Pennsylvania. So you have them there tooooo!


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