I tipped my hat to this heritage tribute

Nations represented.

Walking on the Syracuse University hill on Saturday, my dear wife Karen and I admired the grassy square tribute set up for Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs through Oct. 15.

Flags for the representative nations line the lawn.

May those of Latinx Hispanic Heritage celebrate proudly.

By the way, the sign also led me to an informative story from NPR about tensions within the community about the use of the word Hispanic.

7 thoughts on “I tipped my hat to this heritage tribute

  1. Interesting article. A lot of things to learn. And maybe a lot of things to unlearn.

    This has nothing to do with your post: But I was looking for something from my posts of years ago. It was a post from 2014 and there was your pic giving me a like. I looked back and forward to other posts and didn’t fine anymore activity from you.
    See what you have been missing from all those years?


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