A flowery festival makes us very happy

Rhododendron Festival

Tucked away in Sandwich.

My terrific daughter Elisabeth doesn’t just visit a new place. She investigates what’s what.

So she saw on the interwebs that the Rhododendron Festival would be in full bloom in the deliciously named town of Sandwich. After some back-and-forth, I went online and purchased our tickets for the Sunday before Memorial Day.

Oh, what a great move for the kids who always buy us plants for our garden and the adults who put them in the ground.

Rhododendron Restival

So many colors.

The rains stayed away, and we walked for hours along the twisty paths line with the title plants and also hydrangea ready to show off their blooming glory.

Rhododendron Festival

Allowing us to share in their beauty.

I felt like a kid wanting to run this way and that, snapping photos on my iPhone 8.

Rhododendron Festival

Walk this way.

Explore we did, taking paths and following the map that made sense of the grounds.

Rhododendron Festival

A bit more than our yard.

I imagined what it would take to maintain these grounds.

Rhododendron Festival

Stately tree.

I admired more than the flowers, for sure.

There are several more days of posts to come from the Rhodendron Festival …

4 thoughts on “A flowery festival makes us very happy

    • We did go to a deli to seek a sandwich in Sandwich after our fest visit, ladysighs, but it was takeout with no flowers involved, we ate in the car, and I neglected to take any photographs of that magical moment!


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