The Rhododendron Festival makes me curious

Rhododendron Festival

Big and not so.

As we walked the grounds of the Rhododendron Festival in Sandwich, Mass., I thought and thought.

Rhododendron Festival

Why do some plants indigenous to this are have flowers so big?

Rhododendron Festival

More modest.

While others right beside it are far less bulky?

Hanging pods

Never saw these before.

What are these hanging pods that might or might not be fruit?

Rhododendron Festival

Orange out.

Why don’t we in the land of the Syracuse Orange see these flowering orange plants, being only one state away from Massachusetts?

11 thoughts on “The Rhododendron Festival makes me curious

  1. Don’t you love how flowers show their colors????

    (Also, once again WP unfollowed me from you. I really think this is part of all of us losing so many readers. This time instead of hitting the ‘follow’ button I did the subscribe by email. I hope that works better.)


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