The festival windmill and more slayed me

Rhododendron Festival

Take a spin.

Smack dab in the middle of the flowers that made the Rhododendron Festival so memorable sat a windmill.

A plaque explained it. I did not make it to the plaque as my fellow visitors were ahead of my lingering self at this point.

Rhododendron Festival

Yes, Legos.

Also extremely cool were the Lego creatures dotted throughout the grounds, including these colorful birds.

Rhododendron Festival

Art and nature.

How about an art sculpture guarding a waterfall field?

Rhododendron Festival

It’s fly.

Does the Lego on the waterfall pond bug you?

18 thoughts on “The festival windmill and more slayed me

  1. What a lovely post Mark. So green there and the coolness of it all just speaks to me. Predict 117 degrees by next week here in the high desert. So dry and brittle. Appreciate the peaceful ‘enough rain’ look of your photos. All my best. Enjoy your weekend.


      • So grateful for air conditioning. What surprises me and should not is the huge amount of tourists pouring into this area, they look as wilted as my garden.
        Cape Cod sounds wonderful. So glad you got to go. All my best to you.


  2. It all looked wonderful … Legos particularly.
    Am anxious to see what ideas you now have for your own garden. You do have an old Lego set in your basement somewhere?
    Perhaps a bird in the birdbath?

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