Pretty little pink tree

Village of Liverpool

Weeping bloomer.

Don’t blink during a safe walk in the Village of Liverpool or you’ll miss the pretty little pink bloomer.

It’s got that weeping willow shape …

11 thoughts on “Pretty little pink tree

  1. Those blooming trees need pollination… next time get one that has “friends” in the neighborhood. Don’t ask me how to tell a boy tree from a girl tree… I’m still trying to figure out if my cat Alice is a girl or a boy.

    My blooming ornamental apple is gorgeous…just like all of her cousins and in-laws for miles around. 🙂 My theory is that they all started out in local nurseries and transplanted in these new housing developments.


  2. I have had that weeping willow feeling. 😦
    It comes after I get an expensive new hairdo and nobody notices. 😦
    Maybe I should put a pretty little pink ribbon or bow in my hair so I won’t be missed?


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