Just like that, stirrings on the front tree

The day it shines.

When my dear wife Karen and I left for a Saturday safe outing, our lone front yard tree showed signs of bursting forth.

When we returned an hour-plus later, the buds had really burst.

Hello, world.

The pods stood out against the late April sky.

Spreading out.

Our dogwood is getting ready to deliver more. I looked it up by means of last year’s post. My flowers-are-here post came on May 17 …

12 thoughts on “Just like that, stirrings on the front tree

  1. Spring is fighting her way in, even though Winter is being a bit stubborn. Our trees are budding, too, and the neighbors’ tulips have come up. But just to be safe, I’m going to wait at least another month before putting in any flowers of my own. Last year, there was a hard frost the same night I brought my annuals home from the garden store.


  2. I am looking at an enlargement of the last picture. I see stirrings of little yellow flowers in the yard.
    And stirrings across the street too.

    Just call me observant. 😉


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