Liverpool blooms

The line of white tree blooms in the Village of Liverpool is making its annual appearance. I feel it’s a bit later than usual this 2022.

Great sight in the park

During a recent work break at the library, I looked across Second Street. A pink tree was blooming in beautiful fashion. It was a short trot across the street to capture the sight that makes me so happy in April.

Thank you lovely white lilac

Before the big rain and wind visited our neighborhood Sunday in a big way, I took a moment to savor our beautiful white flowering tree in the center of our front lawn. It’s held on to its pretty blooms for two weeks this year. And, yes, most of them withstood that wicked wind and rain.

Bring out a serene scene

I took a deep breath and said ahhhhh when I passed this corner on a work break walk from my job at the library. The Village of Liverpool can be quite lovely in May, for sure.

The whites and the pinks

A walk around the Village of Liverpool on a gray morning this week allowed me a great glimpse of the back side of The Retreat. How lovely their trees are at the start of May.

Wow, our pretty little tree has white flowers

We’ve been wondering what color the tree smack dab in the middle of our front yard of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville would be, this being our first year here. We found out. White, it is. Deep, true white. A good match to the deep purple of the leaves we saw…

A springtime tree thing discovered at A Bitty Better

Another month, another discover about A Bitty Better. I opened the door after sunrise this early April in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville to see newly dropped stuff all over the pool cover. I guess the buds from overhanging branches in the flanking yard are shedding something or other. I don’t want Ellie B aka…