Liverpool blooms

Happy stroll.

The line of white tree blooms in the Village of Liverpool is making its annual appearance.

I feel it’s a bit later than usual this 2022.

15 thoughts on “Liverpool blooms

  1. Lovely. We commented on the same thing this morning, that the trees and plants were blooming much later. But we’ve had about seven drops of rain this year. A late spring is better than none at all.


    • We’re not quite as hot a spot as, say, Liverpool, England, ladysighs. Although Ringo Starr did put a photo of a Highway sign proclaiming he was arriving in our Liverpool on his social media when arriving for a concert at the nearby amphitheater. That got us some traction.


    • Right on, Beth. Says WikiPedia:
      The New York State surveyor general laid out the streets in the village and changed its name from “Little Ireland” to Liverpool. The village was incorporated on April 20, 1830. It was named after the city of Liverpool in England. This was probably done because like its eponym, Liverpool also produced salt, and village leaders wanted to capitalize on the name of another famous salt-producing region.

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