There’s lots of striking art in the Corning Museum of Glass

High style.

Walk into the Corning Museum of Glass, and its three floors worth of things to see might be daunting.

My dear wife Karen grabbed the maps at the admission booth and planned our strategy.

They neatly broke up rooms into art and history.

Hanging out.

I could picture these glass works being of MOMA quality. (That’s Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, where I’d love to go with my dear wife post-COVID.)

The hanging art just above is made from meats! How cool is that?!

Now for some color.

The addition of a splash of color in this case made me happy, too.

Using the light.

These artists really are creative.

Get it just so.

I was struck with the feeling that at the Corning Museum of Glass, the rooms themselves were a work of art.

15 thoughts on “There’s lots of striking art in the Corning Museum of Glass

  1. What a beautiful place with amazing talent. I’m sure the views and experience made for a wonderful diversion from everyday”ness”. We are blessed by artists and places such as this. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Wow Mark! Awesome! I visited the MOMA in the early 2000’s when big crowds didn’t scare me. I hope to see it again some day when it’s safe to do so. Thank you for sharing this cool place. More pictures to follow I hope. Stay safe and warm!


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