Show and tell at the Corning Museum of Glass

Working for us.

At the Corning Museum of Glass, they don’t just set up exhibits and let you go on your way.

Every few hours, theaters open for live demonstrations from master glass makers.

Our first allowed us to experience how glass went from oven to gob to a hollow vase.

From furnace to vase.

A lot of work went into this piece for sure.

We were told by the narrator, the third on the stage to join the two glass makers, how hot the vase remained throughout the process.

Hard workers.

In a smaller theater, two glassmakers showed us how to make a solid piece. The second not only narrated, but aided the primary glassmaker in the middle.

Solid work.

I will admit that in both theaters, I did not much like it when they dropped the completed piece into a bucket of water and it disintegrated into shards, to be put back into the oven and used in another gob for future workshops.

6 thoughts on “Show and tell at the Corning Museum of Glass

  1. Isn’t it amazing! I love this art and am happy to say I have participated in making a glass pumpkin a few years back. And I have 4 wine glasses that were blown by an artist from Jerome, AZ.
    I’m so happy you got to see this. How fun for you.
    Happy day to you!


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