We’ve been appreciating glass for many, many years

Century by century and onward.

May I tip my hat to that special person who came upon the process to make glass.

At the big museum in Corning, they honor that start and then chart its history.

If you pick the right route and lean toward this sort of learning, you can read and see pieces from many centuries.

Hale to the glassblower.

Me, I’m more the meander-and-admire type.

Delicate stuff.

I know it’s important, though! Otherwise I’d be eating my dinner from a paper plate every night, right?

14 thoughts on “We’ve been appreciating glass for many, many years

  1. Looks like a nice museum — I watched a documentary about Pilchuck Camp and the history of Chihuly glass art – different from Corning and their functional pieces – but glass is amazing Mark, i agree


  2. Lots to ooo and ahhhh at in this place! I’m such a mom, my first thought was, “we look with our eyes!” No touching the breakables! 😊 beautiful pieces! Did you find a favorite?


  3. Sadly I drove my family crazy but reading EVERYTHING in a museum (they’d take naps on a bench?). At Silver Dollar City (theme park a mile and 1/2 from me) artists are at work daily. Since I was young one of my favorite things to do is watch the glass-blowers. I have a beautiful ornament that was made by a dear friend who attended a session with the artists. I’d love to try it one day! Great pics!


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