Now that’s a lot of glass at the Corning Museum

The right style.

To celebrate our anniversary recently, my dear wife Karen asked if I would like to take the day off from work for a day trip to the Corning Museum of Glass.

Yes, beloved.

She set up our arrival for 11 a.m. Their virus procedures call for advance reservations with visit start times.

We left our house just outside of Syracuse at 8:50 a.m. and navigated the southeast journey through Cortland, Ithaca and Elmira to arrive at the sprawling museum campus on time. No stops, if you were wondering.

Now that’s a job.

Before we entered the building, I noticed they had workers cleaning the exterior glass. Perfect, I thought.

I’ll use the rest of this week to show you exhibits that caught my eye. Spread our day trip out to fill your week …

6 thoughts on “Now that’s a lot of glass at the Corning Museum

  1. Yay! I could use a fresh new adventure! Looking forward to this series. Happy Anniversary to you both as well! What a fun way to celebrate, with some together time. Take good care Bro!


  2. The Corning Museum is fabulous and one the USA’s best places to visit. Lots of history, craftsmanship and beautiful art. After my visit there, I had an appreciation for glass that I didn’t have before. I’m looking forward to your pictures and perspectives.

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