Their faith never really fades, and my hope rises at the end


There’s no way to dance around the underlying theme.

<em>Faith, Hope & Love</em> is a faith-based movie.

In the worlds of Faith and Jimmy, circumstances have fallen a bit on the dark side.

Jimmy and his marvelous daughter are still fighting through the death of his wife and her mother. He’s trying so hard to make sure she’s adjusting and feeling loved, but his work at the ad agency is slipping. He knows it, and so does is boss.

Faith is working through a divorce where her husband treated her badly, and her dance studio business is suffering from the ensuing financial hardship.

Their ships collide because Mike’s daughter is taking dance lessons from Faith, and he prevails in a contest to pair them for a big “Pro and Schmo” contest.

Their preparations and slow-building friendship proves to be a rock-solid foundation for so much in this Christian rom-com.

Faith teaches Mike how dancing can make his life better. Her steps and many other moves sink in. Mike takes Hope to his Prayer Group meeting, and the people there and the messages read open her eyes and mind.

Together is better. (From

I’d never heard of Peta Murgatroyd and Robert Krantz, but they prove to be quite good together for the bobbing and weaving needed for this slow boil. J.J. Englert helped Krantz direct this story to the proper temperature. Krantz wrote it, so he’s obviously all in. For just the right amount of screen recognition, Corbin Bernsen is cool as Mike’s boss and Michael Richards is Kramer as the father of one the other Schmos.

We all have our inkling where this is heading, and can root hard for the blessings to land on the proper people to brighten their worlds.

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