The clip-and-catch looks good

Cut front.

I’ll admit that the after shots of the front yard look pretty good to me.

The mow did well on the scraggly front yard.

Leaves, bagged.

And the muclch-and-bag surely helped the backyard, too.

Now I will not state that this is the last cut of 2020.

I have been known to let my mind wander to One Last Time, even on a nice day in December. And there is still a splash of gasoline in the can.

14 thoughts on “The clip-and-catch looks good

  1. Looking good, Mark! I thought I was ahead of the game by having some guys come and clean everything up last weekend. And then all of my neighbors’ leaves continue to fall and blow in my yard :-). Shades of my fathers complaining is coming out of my mouth.


  2. Hubby mowed our front yard and declared it’s his last mowing for this year. We’ll see. He decided to leave the backyard as is because the grass really isn’t very long and maybe longer grass will help keep some of the mud at bay in a few months. Both your yards look nice and neat, Mark.


  3. Your lawn looks beautiful. So, once the “last cut” occurs, does the “first shovel (snow)” begin? I like the cover on your pool – I really need to get one. We have a Sequoia – which makes such a mess in our pool, when the winds of winter come in. Do you take it off in the winter to clean the pool?


    • We have a pool company come in to close and open the pool, SD. A good amount of shock goes in before the cover goes on to keep the water good over the winter, and then they work with the levels again when the cover comes off in late spring. And you are right, soon enough will come my first shovel of the walkways. We do contract with a plow company so our driveway is cleared very early in the morning, before we must leave to go to work. (I hear the plow doing it’s work when it snows at, say, 4 a.m. It returns if the snow continues to pile.


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