I couldn’t put off the mowing any longer

Believe it or not, I had not pulled our mower out of the shed since the end of August.

The grass just was not growing that much. Usually at the end of summer and through the start of fall, I have to whack it down at least once a week.

This past weekend, I had to cut it, for two reasons.

Long up front.

The front yard, buoyed by a current abnormal stretch of plus-70s temperatures, had gotten too long.

Time to mulch.

The neighbors’ trees had finally dropped enough leaves on the backyard for me to mulch and catch in the mower bag.

The after photos come tomorrow …

18 thoughts on “I couldn’t put off the mowing any longer

  1. How are you guys having 70 degree weather and we are “freezing” (the high is in the 50s) over here? Our gardeners just put down winter rye – so after struggling through a long hot summer – our lawn is actually looking decent again – and green!


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