What I call a bonus day

The boys were back.

This pandemic year of 2020 has not been my best for getting out on the golf course.

I started out in spring with a reluctant feeling of masking up and mixing it up with others, even outside and socially distanced once the powers that be in New York State gave the OK for courses to welcome players.

Our little league was given weekly Tuesday night times. And it seemed to rain every Tuesday night. I did get out for one extra session in late August with KP.

Well, with our Central New York temperatures hitting the low 70s post-Election Day, Tater, KP and I set up a morning game at Battle Isle in Fulton.

My game was awful, as it has been all of this virus year.

But it was very good to see my friends outdoors, minding our spaces.

Our voices can carry that far. Our conversations have four decades of resonance, too.

Now I can transition my clubs from my car to the basement, with satisfaction. Maybe, hopefully, we will be vaccinated the next time we get out there.

9 thoughts on “What I call a bonus day

  1. Oh there’s just something about getting out with friends on the golf course and having Guy Time!
    It can be done… stay far apart, your own cart, and wash your hands here and there. And how fun it can be.
    Glad for you my friend… very glad! Loving that weather you are having!
    Happy Sunday!


  2. You look happy – so nice to see. And how are you guys getting 70 degree weather, we were only in the 50s yesterday – and oh yes, it raied. The plants and trees are so happy – the smoke from the fires has been washed away and I saw the Sierra-Nevada mountains for the first time in months. It truly was a good day!


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