A darn nice November post-work night

So very, very calming.

Work ends on a Tuesday, Nov. 10, and my dear wife Karen and I grab a glass of wine, retire to the futon on our side yard alcove with our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B and savor the last hour of sunlight.

It’s 76 degrees in the suburbs of Syracuse, N.Y., a week now that our temperatures have ventured past that 70 mark.

Since Election Day.

The backyard roses have made yet another appearance.

The weather folks say it’s ending today, with a Wednesday of rain and dropping temperatures.

Oh, how sweet it was in this hard-to-take COVID 2020.

18 thoughts on “A darn nice November post-work night

  1. So nice, 76 degrees – in Syracuse – in November. It is still cold here, but supposed to warm up a bit by the end of the week. Beautiful pink on those roses – or is it coral?


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