We’re looking forward to more fun with our Syracuse Mets

When last we left our Syracuse Mets, they told us we’d like NBT Bank Stadium more come the 2020 baseball season.

We got a peek at Saturday’s open house.

Baseball, please.

They’re working on it, yes. It will look different come opening day, Friday, April 17.

The fences will be up out there, and closer to home plate. Behind that plate will be a seating section featuring tables and swivel seats. That’s where we decided to take our four tickets for the first game.

Wider seats.

The new seats that are in the other sections are wider than the old ones. The color matches the seats at the papa New York Mets’ CitiField down in Flushing, New York. The seats in the sections furthest right and left fields are tilted toward home plate. Nice.

Call it a berm.

The seats way-out and down in right and left will not return. In their place will go a general admission area called a berm. It will be covered with artificial turf as to not get muddy if the weather does not cooperate. Interesting.

Bleachers to come.

?The top deck awaits bleacher seating. They will be contoured, with seat backs. It will be general admission seating.

We will have plenty of photos to capture come opening day.

Underneath it all

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