Bale and Damon get the rivalry revving in Ford v. Ferrari


Motors really used to move us.

Hearts raced at the sight, sound and thought of what each company’s car could do when it rolled out and reacted to the touch of that right foot, correct?

Yes, so much was at stake for the owners, builders and racers back in the day, because motor heads and car buyers of all stripes followed the big races and put their money where the success was.

So comes the riveting true story in Ford v. Ferrari, the tale of car designer Carrol Shelby and driver Ken Miles directed by James Mangold from a screenplay by Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth.

It’s 2-hours, 32-minutes set up in the time leading to the 1966 24 Hours of LeMans road race goes by in a flash.

That’s how good Matt Damon as hot-headed but unflinching Shelby and Christian Bale as heavy-footed and doubly devoted Miles are as the designer and driver. Shelby has his cars and his car business. Miles has his driving and his wife and son. They fight to maintain their balances.

And they have so much to overcome.

They work for Ford, and that’s not exactly peaches and cream at the top of this particular leadership team.

They’re driving against Ferrari in a truly cut-throat business.

Listen to the roar. (From

It’s thrilling to ride along as they must decide who and what to trust in this extremely dangerous, passionate pursuit.

You can look up how it ends. It’s motor sports history, after all. But no spoilers here. Simply, get ready for one heck of an emotional ride.

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