That’s a cool looking building, but what does it do?

Large sight.

One of the first sights that greet you when you enter the New York State Fair’s Gate 10 and wander down the path is the Exposition Center.

Big and bold.

In its second year, it sits at the end of the Midway full of glass on its most impressive side and begging for folks to come in and take notice.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

The exhibits were all about things to do in our state, it seemed. OK for a state fair, but not any different than what can be and has been found in any number of the older buildings.

What, I wondered, is this huge building really supposed to do? We have the Oncenter in downtown Syracuse and SRC Center at Onondaga Community College with similar settings for, well, expositions.

In an interview I saw later during the fair, Director Troy Waffner said the building is in use for events some 45 other weekends during the year. Yet this was the first time we’d set foot inside. Either they are private corporate events or we need to get out more. I’ll start paying more attention.

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