The bus trip still seems best

Yes, we did go to the New York State Fair this year.

(I’m way behind because of all those Texas photographs and nuggets of family adventure I was determined to share first.) Anyway.

When my dear wife Karen drove down Long Branch road planning to park in the usual temporary Centro lot to take the bus rise to the fairgrounds and save parking woes, my radar went up when I spotted an empty expanse coming up on the right. Fortunately, they had planted a small sign proclaiming the new location for this particular congregation as Farrell Road. Up the road, over John Glenn Boulevard and a quick right turn. No problem.

Walk with the crowd.

After the short and easy drive down the highway, we saw on State Fair Boulevard that no longer were the fleet of buses pulling into main Gate 1. Down west we went to the far reaches. The bus lot was bigger and more easily navigated by the bus once inside. OK, I thought. Off we walked to the new gate.

Just add a 0.

Gate 10 had less hustle and bustle and pretty facades than the main gate.

Oh, here.

I oriented ourselves. We were over where we had seen the Chinese lanterns a couple summers ago.

Holy cow!

On to see the sights. You betcha I’m going to stretch the Fair out for blog purposes, too …

10 thoughts on “The bus trip still seems best

  1. I haven’t been to the State Fair in years. Heck, I haven’t been to the Erie County Fair in a couple of years, either. One of the reasons for non-attendance is that looong walk from the parking lot into the fair itself. A bus seems like the perfect solution for someone like me.


  2. Absolutely the bus is best. Even when I had a media parking pass I preferred to take the bus. Looking forward to your pics and thoughts from the Fair!


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