We must get our goat time in

Yes, please.

The goat building draws in my dear wife Karen and I every year.

Trapped again.

How can we not adore these animals once described as confused dogs by my friend and former fair rep Fred Pierce?

Don’t worry. The predicament above was solved when the goat owner stood the little guy up on hind legs so his head could fit back out from the wider space on the high spot of the rails.

Face-to-face talk.

That goat was about the only one to go low. This was a year for above-the-rail preferences.

Pleased to see you, too.

Looking for people.

I thought maybe all the goats were seeking post-dinner conversation.

Little ones.

Karen always wants to say hi to the baby pigs, too.

7 thoughts on “We must get our goat time in

  1. I love the goats too! If I had a chunk of land and lived there year round… I’d have chickens and a few goats. Did you know you can’t have just one goat. Goats are very social and they need a friend. They will literally go crazy or insane without another friend. Sometimes they team a goat up with a horse. I learned all that at the county fair last year!😊


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