Before all these GOATS there were the goats

Hello, friendly fella. Gal?

First stop after our New York State Fair dinner was the building that is home to the goats.

We love them, every visit.

If you’ve never had an up-close with these farm faves, they can be as friendly as the family dog.

You can’t come back to Galeville!

At least the ones we encounter at the fair sure seem to like us.

They steal my heart, if you can’t tell by now. I shielded my eyes at the big sign over one line of pens that read <em>Meat Goats</em>.

Eat, eat, it’s dinner time.

I prefer to think of them forever rascally, sneaking over the pen line to snake hay from the neighbor’s bin.

Model citizen.

They sure can be pretty.

13 thoughts on “Before all these GOATS there were the goats

  1. GOATS! YAY! I can’t remember if I told Beth or you, but I had two Nigerian Dwarf goats–I named them Henry and Gilly Goat. They were so amazing. When I moved to the “big town” I couldn’t keep them in the yard. WHAT? It was next to my R.V. (picture people staring driving by…crazy RV gal with two goats). They even went hiking with me!


  2. Maybe the sign meant to say, MEET the GOATS!
    I grew up in a farm community but not a farm family. I had friends who raised goats and pigs and cows to show at the county fair. It’s a lot of work and they missed out on some fun because they had to go home and take care of the animals. They also knew what the final outcome would be. 😦


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