We did join the people back at the New York State Fair

Feels like the very first time.

My dear wife Karen and I said, yes, we were up to one visit to the New York State Fair this year.

So we splashed our faces with water when we both got home from our jobs one weekday night, drove to the satellite parking lot on Long Branch Road, bought our extremely reasonable Centro bus tickets, and enjoyed the several-mile short trip to the main gate over back road and highway as if it were just another Midway attraction.

Upon entrance, right around 7 p.m., we encountered the wall of people at Chevy Court.

Foreigner was rocking the free music stage.

Yes, my mind quickly time-traveled in my Wayback Machine to all those concerts that had my fanny firmly planted on an aluminum bench so I could write my review for the big daily during my 21 years as the music writer.

Last year for that, 2012. A decade ago! Time, she does speed past.

Food and drink and people.

I watched a little, listened a bit, and we continued our quest for dinner and people-watching.

We figured we’d know when to stop when our eyes and stomach told us.

Dinner ended up being a steak sandwich for Karen and a pulled pork platter for me. P-Z-O’s had my approval from dinners eaten past, plus a short line and an open picnic table in the ring out front. Sandwiches, tasty. Cole slaw, crisp. Fries, cold. Beer, colder. Dinner at the fair, filling.

Tomorrow you see with us the goats!

8 thoughts on “We did join the people back at the New York State Fair

  1. I’ve never been to a State Fair but have been to county fairs years ago. Not as big but just a memorable. The biggest memory is being given X amount of $ to spend.


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