A smooth first day for us at the New York State Fair

The very first day of the New York State Fair was calling out to my dear wife Karen and I this year.

We’d never yet picked the extra Wednesday the fair folks had tacked on the traditional 12-day run that’d gone on over at the fairgrounds a few miles from Syracuse for decades.

So Wednesday after work, we drove to the Long Branch Road satellite lot, rode the Centro bus the short hop from Liverpool to Geddes, and made the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que stand our first stop.

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Easy it was.

No wait or hassle at any of the above, really. Surely not the snarl of traffic on the highway going the other direction that frustrated us taking the bus from Destiny USA on our State Fair trip last year.

The Dinosaur platters of Gianelli sausage for me and pulled pork for Karen with Cole slaw and baked bean sides were a worthy dinner.

Next we headed to the Center of Progress, and were thrilled at the ease of navigation from aisle to aisle.

The vendors all seemed way more happy than they do later in the run of the fair. Understandable.

Karen bought me some no-bake sugar-free cheesecake, and I got her a clip-to-the-pant-pocket purse. We both left the building happy.

Then we went to Chevy Court to catch a bit of Blondie.

I’ll show you some photos and a video from that great rock act tomorrow.

First, this great sight that greeted us at exit.

The main gate.

It’s an inviting entrance and exit.

We do love New York.

And it changes color.

14 thoughts on “A smooth first day for us at the New York State Fair

  1. Aw man. I had healthy salmon and salad for dinner. And I must admit, my mouth watered at the fair food. I hope you had a wonderful time! Have some deep-fried cheese on a stick for me:).


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