We find the fried dough and way more

The new layouts the New York State Fair folks come up with every year do make the walking navigation easier.

We stretch it out.

No worries. We managed to find Pizza Villa in its new spot.

Good and hot.

Not pizza. Stretch fried dough at its best.

They got the name right.

We were impressed that the stand owners used the term exactly as they do in Hawaii. Shave Ice it is in both places.

What a deal. How good can it be?

I was surprised to see any kind of food at all offered for a buck. I’d dropped a many times that for our sausage sandwiches and one order of fries to split at the stand owned by our friends, Horan’s.

Comfort food.

The conversation was good there, too.

Yeah, no.

This packed stand made me wonder if even a devoted dog lover would have a place for that big banner.

9 thoughts on “We find the fried dough and way more

  1. Yum! Some of my best memories were of the NY State Fair. Born and raised on the north side, it was THE place to go with my many siblings. It was affordable, educational and close to home. I went 2 years ago and made sure to find the Villa and chow down. I also found amazing fried fish, free chocolate milk and spend the day checking out the exhibits. Here in Colorado, our state fair is 3 hours away in Pueblo and I have never attended. But, I will get on a plane and attend the one in Syracuse! Ha! Thanks for the photos and stories.


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