We had to eat wings in Buffalo

George Three had taken a trip to Buffalo for wings with George Two.

He knew about Duff’s.

Yes, thank you.

We were hungry after the morning flight delay. It was almost dinner time.

They said it.

I was able to take one bite from my dear wife Karen’s medium wing. It was blazing hot! They sure label heat differently there than the places we eat around Syracuse.

Catchy combo.

I adored the Beef on Weck half of my combo. I dumped the little boat of gravy right on top of the beef. No dipping for me!

Even the Carolina Gold wings (think honey mustard) were hotter than what I’d thought when I ordered. I ate them all, though, now prepped for our drive east on the New York State Thruway.

5 thoughts on “We had to eat wings in Buffalo

  1. Oh yea! We have a great place here in the ‘Boro that makes amazing wings! We always get our fill when here in the summer. Because when we go to AZ… they have NO IDEA how to make wings GREAT!


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