Do not mention the word canceled, please and thank you

So many screens.

We sat in San Antonio waiting for the plane to arrive.

We missed a connection in Chicago and scrambled to stay overnight.

The next morning, we saw all flights to Syracuse canceled and wrangled our way onto two separate flights to Buffalo instead.

George rented a car. We got on their earlier flight thanks to a sympathetic gate agent.

That flight took off hours after the announced time.

We arrived in upstate New York a day after we thought we would, with 150 miles of road ahead. My dear wife Karen and I knew our luggage was on a plane still in Chicago.

Ain’t air travel grand?

14 thoughts on “Do not mention the word canceled, please and thank you

  1. I am currently sitting in the airport in Little Rock, Arkansas trying to fly into Chicago. I’m definitely missing my connecting flight. Flying is so much fun, isn’t it. I just wrote a blog about my current experience actually. Check it out!


  2. Well, damn. If you flew into Buffalo, you may have actually flown over my house. I could have waved!

    Hopefully by now you’re safely back in Syracuse and didn’t have to drive through last night’s torrential downpour. And hopefully your luggage will eventually catch up with you.


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