Before we wave a final goodbye to the trip to Texas

Thank you for sticking with me through the chronicles of our family trip to Texas.

I can wrangle many posts out of my vacation travels.

And still I have this final day of miscellaneous photographs to share.

Love you like a rock.

Yes, my terrific daughter Elisabeth brought decorated rocks to spread her unique cheer throughout Texas. She left the above piece of art outside the South Padre Island Brewing Company.

Joy spread.


No go.

Not once did I spot anybody using this mini golf spot. Maybe it was because nobody wanted to check in at the Goffice?

Big oranges?

On our walk to the jetty, I had to admit to Elisabeth that from afar, I wondered what the heck was growing on a palm tree there. It does depend upon perspective, I discovered as we came close to the wires and the tree.

As we sat under the rental house overhang one night, I noticed a full moon and grabbed my dear wife Karen’s phone for the photographs. I did not punch any different buttons than on my phone.

Mystery patch.

Speaking of the rental place, I could not figure out this circle among the concrete up front. Brother-in-law Scott called it the lawn.

Nice greeting.

Of more attractiveness was this sidewalk art at the end of our street.

Never to see the inside.

At the other end of the street sat this Family Friendly Bar/Restaurant, Tom and Jerry’s. It was a one-minute walk. I smelled the burgers every time we passed it. And every time somebody asked where we might go to eat, I threw the name out there. Nope. We never went.

What a breakfast.

One morning I did venture to the Whataburger to buy us a takeout breakfast. I liked the look of the tower out back. The biscuits with meat, eat and cheese made us happy. On the way back to the San Antonio airport, we stopped to sample a Whattaburger burger. We all thought it tasted like a Burger King Whopper.

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