Our favorite restaurant comes through again

Still rocking in the free world.

Over a handful of trips, we’ve discovered a healthy like for The Oyster Company.

In fact, the plates of delicious seafood served up in Dennis Port are a highlight of Cape Cod week for my dear wife Karen and I every time.

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I stayed true and ordered the Cioppino, asking to hold the scallops, mussels and little neck clams. The lobster tail and shrimp do it for me. The other shell fish, not so much. The chef won me over this visit by adding a second lobster tail to my plate to compensate. Bravo, bravissimo!

Sparkling place.

We left quite full and very happy.

Interestingly enough, nights later we struck up a conversation about restaurants with a couple of local folks sitting next to us at the Red Nun. When we mentioned our zeal for The Oyster Company, the husband was moderate in his enthusiasm and the wife said she’d never been. In fact, non of our favorites made their list. They zipped off a big list of places we should visit next year. Grumpy’s for breakfast, they suggest!

11 thoughts on “Our favorite restaurant comes through again

  1. Hi Mark,
    If you are still up in the cape, go to Sesuit Harbor Cafe! It’s BYOB with an incredible view and the best lobstah roll on the planet!!


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