We can’t just eat at all the same places

Always caught our eye.

The little restaurant at a crucial Cape Cod corner always caught our eye.

My dear wife Karen decided that this would be the year we’d finally stop in to try the food at The Wee Packet.

Busy even when it’s not crowded.

Breakfast was the meal of choice.

Irish music played non-stop.

History lesson.

Before choosing my meal, I discovered we were in a historic place.

Hover over a photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Neither Karen nor I went for the full Irish breakfast. It sounded larger and too unfamiliar than what my stomach was seeking. Do, no thank you on the rasher, black and white pudding and grilled tomato. I am not that adventurous this early in the a.m.

The traditional omelet and waffle were OK. My potatoes were overdone.

Rehashing later on, I called this my least favorite meal out during the trip.

Simple pleasure.

On our final night on the Cape, we chose Seafood Sam’s.

The place reminded us Kream N Kone, and that’s a good thing.

That’s a big one.

Unlike the place we hit for lunch every trip, though, this joint features lobster.

They do the work for you.

We both chose the Lazy Lobster.

This dish comes with the lobster meat already removed from the shell. Nice.

I could have done without all those bread crumbs. Instead of having to crack to get to my meal, my labor was brushing the topping off the lobster meat before dipping in the drawn butter.

The slaw and fries were great.

6 thoughts on “We can’t just eat at all the same places

    • You would like it for the atmosphere, of course, MBC. Yes, my ear wife Karen said the pecans were laid on the top instead of cooked in to the waffle like she would have preferred.


  1. The WeePacket looks enticing. Too bad the food didn’t live up to the expectation. (I love that little kid peering towards you as you took the photo.) As for the second place – why would anyone do that to lobster? I can understand taking the meat out of the shell for people who have a hard time doing it themselves, but bread crumbs? Really? I’ll pass on that.


  2. the first place sounded so promising and didn’t really pan out, but at least you tried it. the second sounded like a good choice, but doesn’t sound like it quite lived up to the Kream n cone. good you’re continuing to branch out though –


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