We get the drift

It seems so early for there to be parking lot piles this high.

A game-stopper.

Not to mention this dirty.

15 thoughts on “We get the drift

  1. Remember last year, Mark, when to get to Dunkin Donut you had to have spikes? The person who owns the Retreat has the lot plowed and the snow dumped onto the public sidewalk? You had to walk around the block if you wanted coffee? I noticed last week that the lot just up from LPL had been plowed – the one almost on the corner – and the snow had been plowed onto the sidewalk.


  2. Last week I took some photos of leftover drifts, with the green grass showing around them, thinking to name at least one of them “Change” or something like that. Of course, today I can have my fill of snow scenes, if I get up the gumption to go out there during my lunch hour, which probably won’t happen.


  3. That is a whole new perspective on snow accumulation Mark. Something surely is hibernating in there until spring and it may not be pretty when it emerges.


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