Our cherished rescue mutt takes advantage of her new gear

Our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle wears out her gear, too.

My dear wife Karen decided it was time for a new leash and gentle leader after one too many walks with tangles and tenuous clicks.

I’ll go far, Da.

The dog was ready for the added foot or two during our first walk in the blocks surrounding A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. Karen says the leash can be tightened up, but I say what the heck.

Let’s play.

This way, Dogamous Pyle is less likely to pull my arm out when she digs into the snow banks.


Wait! That move still allows her to slip the nose loop of the new gentle leader.

Back in control.

But I can easily grab the loop and place it gently back over her nose and continue our walk back home.

Success during the Saturday snow walk.

19 thoughts on “Our cherished rescue mutt takes advantage of her new gear

  1. Aw, Yeah. Quite cute! 🙂
    Sadie got a new collar this spring, and I think it’s about time for a new leash, I do. Probably get it in the spring, if this one makes it! She’s had it all her life, this leash ❤


      • I saw she has a Halti, (or somethin like it) which Sadie wears for city walkin as well. She has the Dog Whisperer training leash and it’s made sorta like a bungee cord, which is real sturdy, and we may buy another one just like it. She has a pink one for hangin out in the yard, it’s super long, but it has to be washed often 😉


      • Ellie’s contraption is called a Gentle Leader. We don’t walk without it. Her leash is a double hookup, one lead clicked to the Gentle Leader, the second directly to her collar. We felt more secure against escape when we discovered the double! Knock on wood. She still tries the old sliperoo by wiggling this way and that, though.

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  2. Ever get the feeling that Ellie is laughing at all these attempts to harness her? Ellie is a real beauty Mark. All my best to you.


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