I’m rooting for the rebirth

I’m a brick-and-mortar guy.

Yes, as all the online shopping goes on around me, I drive to the store.

I like seeing, feeling, buying at the cash register and bringing the stuff home immediately in my car.

Barking up the right tree.

So I am glad new work is being done at an old Central New York shopping center.

Northern Lights, I do believe is the name they used to call it.

Party central!

My dear wife Karen and I already bought some things for our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, and ate a meal at the new Chinese buffet. I will be buying Christmas cards and such at the Party place.

11 thoughts on “I’m rooting for the rebirth

  1. I was just thinking the other day–we build places to shop, but they are not always very aesthetically pleasing. When future civilizations look back on us, I keep thinking they’ll wonder why we thought the strip mall was at all attractive . . .


  2. I’m old,I remember when Chappells was the flagship store there. It’s good to see it being fixed up, I have a soft spot for that place. I had relatives from the Great White North who came there to shop. Thanks, Mark!


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