An old school hat at the golf league

Blogamous Maxamus. (Photo by Bird)

Blogamous Maxamus. (Photo by Bird)

Bird got a birdie after a gorgeous iron tee shot on a par three as I was back to my informal little formal golf league at Northern Pines in Cicero, N.Y., last night.

He narrowly missed a second namesake. He was in a very good mood as the five of us filed into the clubhouse. He spied this hat sitting on a table, declared me old school and stuck it on my head.

Laughing, Bird told me to make sure I captioned said photo with the new golf league nickname he gave me last night, Blogamous Maxamous. I tried to get him to tweak it to Blogamous Markamous, but he would have none of that.

And so now I have a golf league nickname along with Bird, DJ, Morelli and Commish.

I had two pars last night after missing last week for that super week in Cape Cod.

About the Viking headwear just lying around … No, Northern Pines was prepping for a Night Golf Tournament later this week, and there were enough of these babies for each golfer to put upon their noggins, along with the glow balls and glow sticks that will go in the holes. Apparently these old school monstrosities will make the participants far easier to see out there marauding through the darkened hills and dales.

What do you think would be the best location and time for you to wear a Viking hat? If you played night golf, do you think you’d prefer to swing with your eyes open or closed? What would be your favorite weird hat to show up with to play golf in one round?

44 thoughts on “An old school hat at the golf league

  1. Dear Blogamous,
    I LIKE IT! The name AND the hat! I give nicknames to people, too. My grandma is sometimes Long Legs McGee, unless we’re playing cards, and then her name is McClenny Slim or if we play with dice it’s Beans. Go figure. Does Ellie realize your new nickname rhymes with hers? πŸ˜€ At least you got to keep your original initials, even if they are inverted. πŸ™‚


  2. I am not a big hat wearer anymore, but my Mom wears different ones every day. I like to wear them with her, if there is an ‘occasion’ to wear one at! I like the Viking hat and think it suits the day and the mood! I would prefer your fedora or the other kind of hat, I have seen you wear before! (I think you have a golfing cap, don’t you?) Anyway, it sounds like a great game of golf, Mark! Congrats on the new nickname! It is a great one to have and enjoy! My silliest hat so far, was one where it looked like a Minnie Pearl one, on purpose, keeping the price tag on and all! Smiles, Robin


    • The Minnie Pearl, with price tag! I am trying to picture the distinguished Robin from your blog shot in that thing, and I am having a hard time coming up with it. So that is good Robin, very good! How about a leopard skin pillbox hat like Jackie Kennedy? That would be a good one. For you, not me … Haha. I’ll stick to my golf fedora or cap. The Viking won’t make a comeback if I can help it.


    • You sense I will wring the mostamous that I can out of this, don’t you, Kerbey? If I were sitting if front of you at the movies and wearing this hat and you tapped me on the shoulder, I would put it on my lap and eat buttered popcorn out of it, of course! And I would not wear it in church. I’d hand it to the usher to turn upside down and use as an impromptu collection basket.


  3. I don’t think church would be appropriate (horns are too reminiscent of the dark lord), but instead, anywhere you need to feel powerful. Like when you walk into a bank teller line. Or the 7-11 to get 2 for $3 Gatorades. But not at a movie theatre (which apparently you visit at least once a week) bc no doubt I would be sitting right behind you and have my view obscured. You could, however, stick a derby hat on each horn and twirl them about.


      • oh when she was 8, I was wearing a business suit, looking quite dapper and she looked me up and down and asked, “Aren’t you going to change before we go out?”

        At age 10, we were sitting in my car and with a look of disdain on her face she said about the car, “I guess when you die I inherit this heap?”

        “Yes,” I said, “and all my debt!”

        I come from a long line of sarcasm and we all live for shock value!

        πŸ˜‰ !


  4. Love the new nickname and they gave you a new look to go with it! Sounds like a fun crew. I think the most appropriate place to rock a viking hat would be a buffet. I don’t know why. That’s just the first thing that popped into my decaffinated head. Where is my coffee anyway?

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  5. i love the hat and love the name. has to stay maximus, (for the ‘big’ meaning), you are a blogger in a big way. it is definitely old school in a big way, too. you are now officially one of the league boys, with your name and all. i have a viking hat in my classroom that the kids love to wear, something about it it just so fun and it makes everyone smile. oh, and respect you, of course ) as for my weirdest hat, i wore a swan hat once when i was a swan fairy at school., pretty huge but pretty cool. excellent post.

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    • I think your swan hat would be perfect for the holes on our course that have the pond going up the side of the fairway, Beth! And I think you have given me the proper spelling for my new golf league nickname, too. Blogamous Maximus. Very well, it shall be. Finally, if the Viking hat is good for the kinders, it is good for me!


      • yes, and it looks good on you too, as a bonus. you are right about the kinders, they are the perfect focus group for what is cool and what is not ) glad the swan hat would fit in, too –


      • it probably would be hilarious and you might be attacked. (not hilarious). and oops, i wasn’t trying to correct your spelling, that’s just what came off of my fingers when i was typing, and i was thinking of the old school guys in big hats. feel free to enjoy your name any way you like )


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