Sunny golf day, and a wait at every tee

There was happiness and there was discontent this week at the Little Golf League That Could.

The sun was shining as I returned from our week at the Happy Cottage in Cape Cod to rejoin our two foursomes that now make Monday night home for a weekly round of nine holes at Northern Pines Golf Course in Cicero.

I would be playing with DJ, Amy and Morelli.

Waiting our turn.

Waiting our turn.

We watched at hole 10, with the Ranger sitting in his cart, as Commish, Lovely Linda, and Bird and Mrs. Bird teed off and took off down that fairway before us.

Our group is on the fairway ahead.

Our group is on the fairway ahead.

That gave DJ plenty of time to tell me how the week before, they played as a fivesome and waited on every hole as the league ahead took its sweet time. The Ranger in charge of moving things along had said the league in front of that league was worse, and the two that always played the opposite nine holds than us were slower yet.

Click on any gallery photo for a description. Click and hold on the right photo for an enlarged slide show.

So it was sun, good. Slow, not so much.

Two hours would be a good pace to complete nine holes of golf.

In two hours this week, our foursome had completed six holes of golf.

Commish left the foursome ahead of us and rode in with Lovely Linda on their cart, promising a talk about the slow league play with course management.

I walked in with my push cart and made the trip to China Chen to bring home dinner for my dear wife Karen and I.

To be continued.

Would you say what the heck and play as much as you could until dark? Would you ask management for a prorate amount for the rest of the season back as a refund and call the season off? Would you go to a bar and shoot pool or darts instead?

28 thoughts on “Sunny golf day, and a wait at every tee

  1. great shots, and wow, what a lot of things to think about. i’l have to consider these things when i become a golfer. my marc is going to play 18 holes with his two grown sons, always an adventure for them and something they love doing together.


  2. I think if it was me, I would just enjoy being outside, being with friends and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. If it was me, I would sit in the cart, maybe do some wheelies. Stop and pick up the colorful golf balls I find laying around (just kidding). The grass is so green there!


  3. Busy greens this time of year. Wow, I bet you are glad to be back in “full swing,” Mark!
    I love the pool, bubbles, creeks and just laughed and got teary eyed with Carrie and her boys at Inside Out movie. These are my summertime pleasures… πŸ™‚


    • To get the pop-up captions, post your photos using the gallery format, Colleen. You’ll see that option at the top left when you load your photos. When you choose what type of gallery, the mosaic square tiles gives you the three straight across, and the mosaic random for more than three images gives you a more jigsaw layout. If you need more help, shoot me an email and I’d be glad to chatter away. ❀

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  4. Amazingly, we finished at about 8:50. Truly were the last ones on the course and the light above was just enough to see our awful wet wet shots to the green. Was dreaming about those China Chen Udon noodles by the last hole though…..


    • Thank for the update, DJ. You look mighty happy on the 10th tee here, my friend. πŸ™‚ It’s tough, us being the afterthought league behind slow play that gets bogged down by so many things. Finishing at 8:50 for a 5:45 starting nine-hole league, even the second foursome, is too late. Not enough light! See you Monday. Enjoy this great sunny day, brother.


  5. Ahhhh, slow down and smell the roses-that would be my reaction. There will always be days like that. I once spent 7 weeks on my back in a hospital room (cancer) not sure if I would live or die,and the first day I got to walk outside with my IV pole, I couldn’t believe the freedom and the sky and the air and trees – enjoyment is often perspective. Getting to the end is frequently over-rated in my opinion. And I honestly need to be reminded of this by the universe – which it obligingly does. Ha!

    Great photos Mark. You are really getting pro with that camera. πŸ˜€


    • I do enjoy your perspective, always, Paul.

      Now here this: Everybody come here tomorrow, Father’s Day Sunday, to read Paul’s guest blog, The Chief, in which he reflects upon his life with his dad. See how he thinks above …


  6. I play as much as I can, Mark, here at WordPress and elsewhere. I ask for refunds and other things I feel I deserve — nothing ventured, nothing gained. You’ve got to know when to fold them, know when to hold them, says Kenny Rogers. I wonder if he plays golf or just poker?

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    • Our league has been at this course for 12 years, Ann, and this season, they moved us from Tuesday to Monday nights. I know we’ve dwindled from 24 to eight golfers over the years and thus could be more of a nuisance to them than a profit-maker. And yet I bet I’m the only blogger in a league there. So many elements in this hand.


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