Going, going, bye sunset

The sun seems to set faster this time of year.

We were doing something in the kitchen when my dear wife Karen mentioned how beautiful the sunset looked out the window.’

So I quick grabbed my iPhone 8 and dashed out the front door.

There she is, slightly.

I snapped at the end of our driveway, a bit frustrated.

A little closer.

I hit the button again on the other side of the street.

Best I could do.

My last try came in the parking lot.

I noticed my neighbor in a folding chair in his driveway as I walked back home.

“You just missed it,” he said.


6 thoughts on “Going, going, bye sunset

  1. We had a similar experience last week. We were out in the back yard with Cody, and hubby pointed out the gorgeous sunset colors through the trees. As usual, I did not have my camera. He had is new iPhone but is not really familiar with all its features. Neither of us managed to capture that sunset.


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