Looking for that autumn color at Onondaga Lake Park

Not that I’m rushing the coming of winter or anything, but …

It sure is taking a long time for the green to go around my part of the world this year.

On a work break walk in Onondaga Lake Park in early October, I could hardly find any brightly colored leaves.

A few.

There were a handful here.

Look yonder.

And a bunch way down the walkway. The 15 minutes I get for break did not allow me the time to chase those down.

Fall Flowers.

So I crossed over to the other path and captured the fall flowers in full color instead.

10 thoughts on “Looking for that autumn color at Onondaga Lake Park

  1. Stepping outside for 15 minute breaks was always trouble for me. I could wander off so easily to explore and forget totally about being a responsible adult with a job. An inside job. My only recourse was to seek employment to keep me outside. Nice post. Thank you.
    An excellent Tuesday to you Mark.


  2. a few weeks ago the weather people at channel 9 did a whole big thing about how there might not be a LOT of fall color this year. I won’t try to explain, I’d get it wrong. But what a nice day to be able to get outside.


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