Looking for that autumn color at Onondaga Lake Park

Not that I’m rushing the coming of winter or anything, but …

It sure is taking a long time for the green to go around my part of the world this year.

On a work break walk in Onondaga Lake Park in early October, I could hardly find any brightly colored leaves.

A few.

There were a handful here.

Look yonder.

And a bunch way down the walkway. The 15 minutes I get for break did not allow me the time to chase those down.

Fall Flowers.

So I crossed over to the other path and captured the fall flowers in full color instead.

10 thoughts on “Looking for that autumn color at Onondaga Lake Park

  1. a few weeks ago the weather people at channel 9 did a whole big thing about how there might not be a LOT of fall color this year. I won’t try to explain, I’d get it wrong. But what a nice day to be able to get outside.


  2. Stepping outside for 15 minute breaks was always trouble for me. I could wander off so easily to explore and forget totally about being a responsible adult with a job. An inside job. My only recourse was to seek employment to keep me outside. Nice post. Thank you.
    An excellent Tuesday to you Mark.


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