So many leaves have gone

Hanging on and not. A lunch break walk from the library to one of my favorite Onondaga Lake Park spots shows a big change in the autumn leaf status. Many are gone, and those still clinging on the forefront tree are beyond peak for sure.

Finding a bright spot

Charting the process of the falling leaves there and here in our backyard, I note a patch of red hanging up and out. Past our shed. Past the neighbor’s white house. Yes, on the next block, big color that won’t yet fall.

A lot can fall in a week

After the mowing of the lawn last Saturday, I srote of how many leaves remained up on the trees. Yesterday, many had found their way to the lawn. (And pool cover.) But, no, it is not yet time to take the lawn mower out of the shed for one more mow.

At least the contrast looks lovely

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I caught an eyeful when we doggedly decided to walk the blocks surrounding A Bitty Better in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville despite the big November snow. We saw what can happen when all that white stuff comes down before the trees have decided to relinquish their autumn leaves.…

Will this be the last mow of the year?

One look out back and I knew I had to get the mower out of the shed. Yes, the neighbors tree had left its lot from autumn 2018 upon the backyard of A Bitty Better. Besides, a month had gone by, and the grass underneath all those leaves was a bit shaggy, too. On I…