At least the contrast looks lovely

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I caught an eyeful when we doggedly decided to walk the blocks surrounding A Bitty Better in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville despite the big November snow. We saw what can happen when all that white stuff comes down before the trees have decided to relinquish their autumn leaves.…

Will this be the last mow of the year?

One look out back and I knew I had to get the mower out of the shed. Yes, the neighbors tree had left its lot from autumn 2018 upon the backyard of A Bitty Better. Besides, a month had gone by, and the grass underneath all those leaves was a bit shaggy, too. On I…

Here’s the orange

My work colleagues and I saw for the first time during our Thursday afternoon break walk from the library, a tree around the path at Onondaga Lake Park that I would qualify as truly orange. Yes, I consider this a late arriving splash.

Looking for that autumn color at Onondaga Lake Park

Not that I’m rushing the coming of winter or anything, but … It sure is taking a long time for the green to go around my part of the world this year. On a work break walk in Onondaga Lake Park in early October, I could hardly find any brightly colored leaves. There were a…

They keep holding on

Some trees won’t let go. Some look as if they’ve been bare forever. This makes for an interesting combination outside the Cobblestone in the Village of Liverpool.