Hello again Custom Taylor Band

My dear wife Karen and I relaxed from our work week Friday with a trip to visit the little pub in the Maplewood Suites just a few short blocks from A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

I sure do appreciate her hours matching mine since she move from the big hospital in the city to the eye place in Galeville.

Happy Hour was fun. We give the little pub our approval.

And an old friend was playing on the patio with his country band.

Still one of Syrause’s best.

Great timing, for sure.

Chris was happy to see us, and without a doubt we were happy to hear him and the fine band.

Hear a bit for yourself.

Yes, they did move people to dance.

Moving set.

I think Karen and I have found a new fun spot.

8 thoughts on “Hello again Custom Taylor Band

  1. that’s great for so many reasons. so good that karen’s job has matched your hours again, happy the band was happy to see you again, happy for great music and relaxing at the end of a long week, and happy that you live in a great town.

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  2. It occurs to me reading this light and cheery post of a good time for you and Karen, just how important it is that we get up, out the door, and enjoy a few hours listening to a band worthy of dancing to. Thank you.


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