Liam Neeson careens into a rail of trouble in The Commuter


What would the action-thriller with the pinch of drama be without the steady presence of a Liam Neeson flick?

His daughter was Taken and the response to his CIA agent Bryan Mills was such that he and his wife are hostages in the sequel and then he himself is accused of murder in installment three. In Unknown he needs to battle back to find his identity. In Non-Stop he needs to save a plan as an Air Marshall. In Run All Night he’s a mobster who has to choose between boss and son.

Those last three were directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who teams with Neeson again in The Commuter. Writer Brad Ingelsby this time centers the action on a train, one that, as the title implies, hard-working insurance guy Michael MacCauley rides daily, finding an easy peace with its cast of conductors and fellow riders as they carve their way to their piece of existences.

Until that one day when Mike gets called into his boss’ office and gets handed his severance package.

He’s too scared to call his wife, what with son’s tuition check for his freshman year at Syracuse University due that very day, as she reminded him that morning.

A strange and alluring woman, played with needed mystery by Vera Farmiga, catches Mike’s eye and attention with an offer on the train ride home.

He’s trained to work out his problems. (From

The rest of the journey contains enough twists, turns and adventure to make every Liam Neeson fan happy.

Yes, Neeson accomplishes tasks mental and physical that should be left to superheroes, not just-fired insurance agents. Not even ones that were also police officers in their past lives.

But it all makes for one heck of a ride.

13 thoughts on “Liam Neeson careens into a rail of trouble in The Commuter

  1. Love these movies because they move so fast forward. Always enjoy your recommendations Mark. I am fortunate our library does too! Thank you.


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