Already, a great, big move for my dear wife

Thinks moved very quickly in her new field for my dear wife Karen.

She passed her 90-day probation at the big hospital.

Then she started her new position at the eye place.


She’s back at the spot she loved while interning during her classes at BOCES.

They called and asked if she’d be interested in coming in for an interview. They offered the job on the spot.

The bosses at the big hospital were disappointed that my dear wife was leaving already.

But everything added up.

The new position is exactly what she spent those months aspired to in her classes, while the slot at the big hospital was related to the field.

She’ll be working days, Monday through Friday, not second shift with rotating weekends. They gave her a bit of a raise from the hospital. The office is located a few blocks from A Bitty Better in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville compared to the crowded Syracuse University Hill.


She was sad to leave her colleagues, but …

A week in, she’s a happy worker.

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