We’re hoping we’ve got the gutter thing fixed

Back working.

The gutter in the back of A Bitty Better wasn’t working well, even though it was one of the fixes we’d pointed out before we bought the place in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

They’d thrown a fix up there, yes, to fix the separation between channel and fascia before we moved in.

But rain didn’t move toward the drain on the end. Leaves in the fall made it worse. Ice, don’t get me going. Before long, the separation had returned. Before last winter, I got up on our extension ladder and did my best duct tape job so water did not get behind the siding.

This season, I put out feelers for a good gutter guy.

My boss at the library pointed me toward Joe Bury. He’d taken care of her gutter/fascia woes in the Village of Liverpool.

He came over, pondered the problem, explained his fix, did his thing.

We are happy.

Knock on wood. Or vinyl siding.

10 thoughts on “We’re hoping we’ve got the gutter thing fixed

  1. Looks like you need some flashing around that vent pipe. Did he check that, too?

    We had our gutters cleaned and they seem to be running ok, but we still need flashing around the base of the chimney, and we need the chimney capped off and repointed. I simply don’t have the money for it right now, so hopefully we won’t have any leaks before next year.

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  2. Gutters are a real pain. With all the heavy rain and the crepe myrtle blooms, we’re cleaning out the back one at least once a week. Pondering better “engineering” to help drainage…like maybe larger width downspouts which seemed to have helped in a couple of areas.
    Good you’ve found a good gutter guy. Fingers crossed!


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