You, Tonya, were definitely a handful


The story still seems too strange to be true.

Too scandalous to be sports, especially back in 1994.

But if you decide to get hold of the Blu-Ray for Margot Robbie’s treatment of I, Tonya, you mostly likely won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

Why this, I thought when it was about the only thing I could find on the “new and available” list at my library job.

What the heck, I thought. Produced by and starring Robbie, directed by Craig Gillespie from a screenplay be Steven Rogers. Yeah, I’d just watched the 2018 Winter Olympic Games a few months back. What the heck.

Oh, what a wildly wicked tale this story of the poor skater from the wrong side of the tracks this treatment is.

Robbie manages to rassle up good, evil and plenty in between in the true story of a skater who’s so good on the ice and so misbegotten in the fairy princess world of the Figure Skating associations and competitions they held.

Throw in a mother who’s way more than a piece of work in her handling of her daughter, and you’ve got two hours of can’t pull your eyes from the screen no matter how much you really would like to get away from th uncomfortable behavior. Sebastian Stan is terrifically crass as underperforming husband Jeff Gilhooly, and Allison Janet will make your skin crawl as the wicked mother. Throw in Paul Walter Hauser as a dumb guy bodyguard/henchman, and you’ve got a cast that do ne’er do wells perfectly.

17 thoughts on “You, Tonya, were definitely a handful

  1. I remember the incident so well. Seems like only yesterday, but I guess it was a few years earlier, huh? I’ll probably try to find this one at Amazon, since I now have a Fire Stick installed on my TV (and I did it myself) so I can now catch up on all the movies I’ve missed during the past 75 years! Glad I found you today, bro Mark.


  2. I haven’t been able to bring myself to see this one b/c I remember the whole Kerrigan incident–and how horrified I was. I feel like the movie glorifies someone who doesn’t deserve it. But, every friend that has seen it says it’s good . . .


  3. i saw this in the theater, have always been fascinated by this story. i remember when it happened and the attack at joe louis was my friend’s last day of work there. it is so sad and unbelievable, but true. i thought it was well cast as well, especially the mother –


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